Annie May Noonan
Reporter, Real Business
Annie May is the Reporter at Real Business. Following her graduation from LSE, she embarked upon a freelance career in current affairs journalism. Annie has written on subjects varying from African history and contemporary politics to community business and current affairs news in London. At Real Business, Annie is passionate about highlighting inclusive and diverse business disruptors and organisations for our evolving readership. Annie believes in fostering community inclusion and has volunteered for organisations such as Fairfield House, a UK based Rastafari centre and a senior citizen association for ethnic minority men and women.

7 Questions

Likes to write about
Anything and everything to do with identity. After studying Gender Politics for my MSc, I realised how there are gendered and political dimensions to every aspect of life. This is the same in the business world, where some of the most inspirational creators have had to overcome social and economic barriers to get to where they are today.
Business idol
Nadiya Hussain. She is a prime example of how powerful and effective brand authenticity can be. She is unashamedly female, Muslim and a proud hijabi. Not only has she put British Muslim women on the map as business players, she is an ambassador for multicultural Britain through her fusion style cookery.
Industry to watch
The coaching and self-improvement sector, and in particular relationships and self-esteem coaching. Getting access to a life-coach should be paramount in all office settings. Managing good relationships with others and fostering positive self-identification is important for employees across all sectors and levels of business.
Guilty pleasure
Eating artisan pizza in bed. Delivered to my door of course.
Lessons from your first job
That a job role isn’t just about following a blueprint. There should be an element of creativity and a fresh new approach that only you, as a new candidate, can bring to the table.
Productivity tip
Come back to important projects first thing in the morning with fresh eyes and a clear head.
How do you like to be contacted?
Twitter, Linkedin or even a simple email. But what’s more important is the content. What interesting stories do you have to share and why do they have to be told?
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