Is venture capital broken?

Venture capital is frequently portrayed as the “superhero” behind the success stories of Google, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook and other internet companies that today are now worth billions. But what about all of the other failures? What about all of the companies that never went anywhere, had crazy valuations, and were nothing but giant flops?

How does a venture capital firm raise a fund?

For many years there has been a great degree of mystery and allure around the whole venture capital industry. I never really understood how a VC firm went about raising a fund, securing LPs; I frankly didn’t understand the whole process. Now that I have first-hand experience in the dark art of raising a fund, I thought I would give a little glimpse under the kimono as to how a VC goes about these things, even during a down and challenging economy.

Entrepreneurs! Fancy a hot date?

Inspiration comes from the strangest things. Last week I was having a conversation with Joanna Van Vleck, founder of a rockin’ new company called The Trunk Club. It’s the States’ hottest new Web 2.0 business: an online  clothes shop for men with expert style advice thrown in. It’s catching on like wildfire. With this rapid growth and notoriety comes a need for risk capital of the best kind – venture capital. And you wouldn’t believe how similar the venture capital process is to another risky enterprise: dating.