Shané Schutte
Deputy Editor, Real Business
Shané Schutte is the deputy editor of Real Business. Born in South Africa, she’s traversed the globe, spending most of her childhood in the Netherlands. Shané started as an intern at Real Business – her first paid job – gradually working up the corporate ladder. Before that, she worked with charity Eco-Care Trust, which aims to change habits around water conservation and sanitation in South Africa. She also wrote reviews and edited content for The Gamers Challenge before it closed down – and tested mobile apps for Alcatel Lucent’s R&D division. She specialises in employment law and is passionate about health and wellbeing in the workplace. Shané also has a great love of technology, especially those used in the space sector.

7 Questions

Likes to write about
Law and the innovative process are my mainstays. I’m fascinated by the fact that companies only “move” when people are involved – from marketing to HR. I have a love of technology and if I can get a lesson out of popular culture, believe me, I will.
Business idol
If you’re ever in need of good advice, then read one of Warren Buffet’s annual letters to investors. The guru has taken numerous companies to great heights. But throughout it all, he makes time for himself and vows to keep developing various skills. More importantly, he’s passionate about companies having good values, culture and integrity.
Industry to watch
There are still numerous demands on staff – long working hours, availability on holidays and the need to come in while sick. Such toxic pressures have dire consequences, ones employers are starting to realise. Health services will increasingly tap into new technologies, such as AI, to keep stress from work at bay and help boost mental health.
Guilty pleasure
WWE and UFC – they’re vastly different, but the one delivers entertainment and the other (literally) pulls out the punches! Bonus: Any book, TV series or movie is bound to catch my attention if it’s either sci-fi, fantasy or modelled after a comic book.
Lessons from your first job
Real Business was my first paid job – and I learned a lot going from intern to deputy editor. Patience is key – in everything. Never let stress do the talking, even when it weighs you down to the ground. Also, being uncomfortable isn’t a bad thing. It’s how you know you’ve challenged yourself – and it’s how you’ll learn to adapt and grow.
Productivity tip
Write down all your tasks for the week, and then prioritise them. The easier tasks can be done when you have time, but pencil deadlines in your calendar for the most important ones.
How do you like to be contacted?
I like to get out of the office and meet people face-to-face, but email is the best way to initially contact me. Otherwise, feel free to send me a tweet.
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