Yuval Porat

Yuval Porat is co-founder and CEO of KAZUAR – an Israeli Cyber-Security start-up, which has been created by former senior executives from the Israeli intelligence community. Among the team – the former CTO and deputy director of Mossad, the former CTO of the Israeli Security Agency, the former deputy director of 8200, the former director of the CIA and prof. Adi Shamir – a world-renowned expert in cryptography and the winner of the Turing Award. KAZUAR is developing a holistic cyber security platform including hardware and software which provides businesses with intelligence-grade security in order to address the new level of cyber threats. KAZUAR was created as a result of Yuval’s experience dealing with state-level cybersecurity threats and his forecast that these sophisticated attacks will proliferate to the private sector and expose businesses to a new level of threats. As well as his expertise in the strengths and weaknesses of modern cybersecurity protection, Yuval also has 20 years of experience in strategy design, execution, and crisis management and is highly connected with decision makers in both private as well as government sectors worldwide.

Fighting against the unstoppable cyber crimewave
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By Yuval Porat