Awards will boost EU exports

With the advantage of the English language and a high number of Brits working overseas, the UK has been the poster child for trading worldwide. As the world gets smaller through use of the internet, we’ve been given every chance to build highly successful global corporations. But with the economy still on unsteady legs, we look to our small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to increase exports.

Were we to encourage more SMEs to export, then the UK’s financial situation would change. The European debt crisis, however, has impacted the trading activities of British SMEs. As Europe is Britain’s main trading partner, UK SMEs need a boost in confidence to do business on an international scale. Through incentive-based competitions, SMEs will find more self-confidence to trade outside the UK.

But the starting step is often the most difficult: selling your business to a foreign company. In that sense, an award to your business or brand attracts foreign business by showcasing your success in “exports”, “developing sustainability”, “one of the ones to watch”, “successfully expanding overseas” or even “company of the year” – whichever the award may be.

After all, arguably, one of the greatest indicators of a firm’s success is being handed a prestigious accolade for great performance, innovation or marketing. Such awards are recognised internationally as a hallmark of quality and will help support international expansion plans.

It’s a two-for-the-price-of-one scenario. Businesses use their awards to remind customers, investors and retailers that their products orservices have been given a seal of approval by the captains of industry. They will also gain confidence, knowing they have been deemed one of the best from their industries, to expand their businesses into foreign territory.

As the most established and widely supported national recognition of successful UK SMEs and entrepreneurs, the Growing Business Awards is bound to get your business recognised within the EU community. The nomination deadline is 2nd September! Remember that although it may seem like a small step, you will be featured on our website and that of our partners, meaning that your name will be out there. Businesses will know who you are and will be more willing to trade.

If you’re already on your way to becoming an export extraodinaire and giving the UK economy a good kick towards recovery, then why not enter for Export Champion of the Year? Not what you’re looking for? There are other categories to choose from, ranging from the “Made in Britain” award, Digital Champion to Innovator of the Year.

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