Back by popular demand: Polaroid cameras

The last batch of Polaroid film passed its "use by" date on the 9 October this year. Polaroid stopped producing film for the iconic cameras after its collapse two years ago. The volatile chemicals in Polaroid film give it relatively short shelf-life and fans of the vintage instant prints were in uproar all over the world over the discontinuation.

As film stocks ran increasingly short, gadget fans have been bombarding the firm with enquiries. A lucrative market for vintage versions of the camera, and lots of film, developed on auction site eBay.

In response to the furious demand, two companies have stepped forward to champion the cult brand. The instant cameras will be now made in China by Summit Global. The firm bought the license to use the Polaroid name after the company collapsed and it will manufacture both the original analogue version of the Polaroid One, which was the most popular model of the instant camera, and it will also produce a digital version to tempt new consumers. The film, which is notoriously tricky to manufacture and distribute, will be created by the Impossible Project under a labour of love. The company was rescued from the ashes of the Polaroid manufacturing plant based in Enschede, Netherlands after business went bust. Over the last year former managers of the factory have worked to recreate the film on a low budget.

Polaroid cameras and Polaroid film should both go one sale by the middle of 2010. According to Business Week, the company will pull in sales of around $1bn in revenue next year – including sales of the analog and digital instant cameras and film. Are you a Polaroid fan? Will you be purchasing one these new cameras? Is there money to be made re-releasing old brands and technology? Leave your comment below.

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