Back on the straight and narrow

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Day from hell (aka first day back from holiday) now over, even if it did result in sleepless night, worrying about ex-employee suing, line managers not functioning, and not to mention chaos in house from builders and son arriving in disarray unexpectedly.

Everyone much more settled at work today. Out of house trainer/consultant now reappeared in our lives to carry out intensive training and overhauling left, right and centre during September. This will help us up standards and means we can also turn around and say firmly to anyone who is not performing, “You have had plenty of time. You have had plenty of training. You are still not performing. You are fired!”

Hopefully won’t apply but, if need be, that’s what’s going to happen. Will get this company straight, right hand and I will be able to do our own jobs and have a lives of our own – revolutionary concept!

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