Bad technology can ruin good reputation

Respondents say they would avoid companies with regular technology issues (70 per cent), like website and app glitches; a telling sign that their sense of entitlement to fast, well-working technology matters to customer loyalty.

70 per cent, therefore, expect that all companies use the latest technology when dealing with customers.

Online banking was the most scrutinised, with customers expecting updates at least every 4 months – a quarter said that any technical glitch on a banking website was unacceptable.

Beside that, expectations for technology were high. 82 per cent wanted it to be fast, and 87 per cent reliable and easy to use.

Interestingly, almost half said they were more critical of technological solutions than they were 5 years ago, showing a self-aware but nevertheless unforgiving standard.

Finally, 42 per cent said they would definitely switch to a competitor if their current provider had issues. Almost half, 49 per cent, would at least consider it.

“Customers quite rightly expect their suppliers of choice to be fast, innovative and reliable” said Iain Chidgey, VP and general manager at Delphix.

“The findings reinforce our own experience as consumers – everyone wants the latest technology, they want it now and they won’t stand for glitches. We’ve come to expect that speed and efficiency every time we interact with a company, from bank to supermarket.”

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