Bah humbug, I just want to sleep

Limping towards the end now. Incredibly difficult to keep people motivated. 

On top of everything else, we now have arctic conditions. Transport is therefore busier than ever (re-organising vans hourly and our head driver is stranded on Scottish hill somewhere) while less-than understanding people demand their furniture regardless. 

Have similar problem at home. Half of food shopping fails to turn up. So aware am I of the hell of customer service in this day and age, am considerably nicer than normal to local branch manager. He, too, is so equally stunned by novelty of civil customer, am promised half a ton of goodies as a thank you on my next delivery. Interesting new concept.

Meanwhile, poor shop-floor staff are half frozen, as health and safety have made it impossible for us to heat one of our units. Hey ho! Two days to go and then glorious, glorious sleep for over a week. Going to be a complete humbug this Christmas and curl up and do nothing. 

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