Bank holiday meaningless for entrepreneurs as third of small business owners will work

The findings come after one in five said they give up between ten and 15 days of annual leave each year to operate their enterprise. As such, Sage One is calling on entrepreneurs to embrace the the ?workation? ? a trend that sees workers change the routine working day with some relaxation thrown into the mix.

In Sage’s words, the workation ?provides fun and inspiring new ways for business owners and employees to work whilst relaxing. With the average worker spending seven hours a week working outside normal hours, the 9-5 is very much a thing of the past?.

Writing for Real Business on 24 August, former Dragons’ Den investor Piers Linney has argued that the office still has an integral part to play in the operation of a business.

?With the advent of an ever-increasing portfolio of technology, flexible working and innovative business practices, the future of the office in its current guise has been called into question. While clear that these changes reduce the importance of the office, there is still a long way to go before we can safely say it is obsolete,? he said.

?Many champion the idea of completing the day?s tasks from the comfort of their own home, citing such advantages as increased productivity, reduced commuting costs and a better work-life balance.?

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Highlighting the advancement of working remotely with widespread WiFi access, Sage One is recommending the workation trend be harnessed, so that entrepreneurs can work at places such as the Notting Hill Carnival or a beach over the bank holiday weekend.

The company’s small business expert Mary Cummings recognised working during the period can be an ?isolating? experience.

On the back of that, Lisa Ewens, category manager at Sage One, added: ?Mobile working allows businesses to work across multiple devices from various locations and offers the ease that comes with running your business outside of the standard 9-5.

?It means people can treat anywhere as their office and aren?t restricted by the confines of a traditional working environment or routine. We understand that it isn?t always realistic for business owners to take long holiday breaks and bank holidays can be a struggle too.

?This doesn?t mean that business owners can?t enjoy the luxuries of the sun, sea and sand and we?re encouraging people to make the most of mobile working and embrace the great outdoors this weekend.?

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