Barack vs McCain: the final countdown

Barack Obama has been campaigning inside Republican territory, travelling across Nevada, Colorado, Missouri and Ohio, while rival John McCain headed into the Democratic states of Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. [It takes us back to the days when Stelios boarded an "enemy" Go flight dressed in an orange boilersuit and handed out easyJet vouchers to passengers.] McCain is also trying to claw back votes by splashing out on last-minute television campaigns, with a commercial highlighting Obama’s links to his former pastor, the Rev Jeremiah Wright.

Over the weekend, McCain opted for the “I can laugh at myself” approach, appearing on the Saturday Night Live show. He mocked his age, telling the audience that if his last-minute strategies fail, he’ll resort to the “Sad Grandpa”.

He also teamed up with Tina Fey to present a mock infomercial, with Fey impersonating his running-mate Sarah Palin. “Barack Obama purchased airtime on three major networks. We, however, can only afford QVC,” he joked. "I’m a true maverick, a Republican without money."

Is his sense of humour enough to woo the American public? Tell us what you think.

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