Barry Houlihan

Name: Barry Houlihan 

Age: 39 

Company: Mobile Interactive Group, a global mobile and digital technology business.

Turnover: ?100m

First job: Dustman. When I came over to England from Ireland, this was my first job.

Dream job: Beach volleyball referee. I?ve always loved sport! Or a barman in my own pub.

Car: I currently drive a Mercedes (E Class).

Economy, business or first class: In all my years of work, I?ve only most recently flown business class and this is by far my preference.

Most extravagant purchase: My Range Rover. It was subsequently stolen!

Most played song on iPod: “Money, Money, Money” by Abba. 

Best business book: Over the past few years, I?ve dipped into loads of business books including The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and my most recent is Shine: How to survive and thrive at work by Chris Barez-Brown. 

Worst business moment: Flying to see one of Ireland’s leading airlines where the meeting lasted less than five minutes. It?s up there with flying to Saudi Arabia and discovering we didn?t have the correct documentation on landing!

Proudest business moment: Providing the SMS ticketing solution to Live8 and helping to generate over ?3m for charity.

Business mentor: We have various advisors to the MIG business but I wouldn?t say I have one business mentor.  

Next big thing: Digital graveyards and managing your digital life… and afterlife!

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