Become FITTER at networking: Target specific people

When you’re networking, it’s useless to just hope to meet the right people – you need a game plan in advance. Here’s the third tip of my FITTER networking plan:

Target specific people

Like most business owners, your time is precious, so make sure you know who you want to meet and why you want to meet them. 

Before you even agree to an event, see who will already be attending. Are these the type of people your business needs you to meet? 

Give your networking some va-va-voom by seeing if you can arrange to meet people at an event, rather than just hope you’ll meet them at an event. It makes it ten times easier to enter a room full of strangers if you’ve already agreed to meet someone at the event. 

A great way of making your networking more efficient is NOT to go prospecting for clients. Go looking for advocates and referrers for your business services. Someone who regularly recommends you and your business to their clients and customers is 100 times more valuable than one client or customer who may or may not recommend you to their friends.

Looking for more ways to generate referrals through networking?

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Tomorrow, I’ll cover the second letter “T”, with how to “Turn social conversations into business chat”.

Heather Townsend, Britain’s queen of networking, helps professionals achieve business and career success using social media and networking. Follow her Joined Up Networking blog for more useful tips and tricks. She is the author of the current best-selling book on networking The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking which has 68 five-star reviews on Amazon.

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