Being a startup FD: 101

“It’s lonely at first because you’ve got to first search for an investor who isn’t going to be bothered by the fact you’re launching a new product,” he says. “Then, once you’ve got your funding together with your business plan, you’re reliant upon a handful of people – including yourself – to educate the marketplace about your goods and services.”

Part of the latter role involves finding the right people to bring into the company to help spread the message on a limited budget. Walker continues: “You need to build a team ethic. Sometimes you can’t offer the people you draw in fulltime employment but you still have to somehow gel them together so that they have a belief in the product and a belief of where you’re going.”

Gooroo Software started operating in June 2006 and sells online business management software. Walker says there’s been very little education about the cloud technology Gooroo is involved in: “Cloud computing is virtually any business or consumer service that can be delivered over the internet in real time. The scope is quite tremendous.”

Voting is now open for this year’s FDs’ Excellence Awards. We want to hear how the banks, audit firms, law firms and technology providers are servicing the nation’s finance professionals. If you’re an FD, CFO, company secretary, financial controller or finance manager, cast your vote here.Related articles“My business plan was amateur”“£20bn is a drop in the ocean”Best time ever to start a business: Betfair bossPicture source

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