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Being part of the Everline Future 50 was the single biggest profile raiser for us this year

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As part of our partnership with Real Business Disrupts and the Everline Future 50, we spoke to Scott Logie, CEO of Red WigWam, a Future 50 winner in 2015.

In Logies own words, the best way to describe Red WigWam is as a dating website for recruitment. It helps connect people looking for temporary and part-time work with the jobs they need, whether it’s for an hour or for three weeks.

Red WigWam uses complex algorithms to connect students, returning mums, the recently retired, people on benefits and many other groups with the right business. Inspired by the struggle to find effective, short-term workers during London 2012, the business was set up with a disruptive model to shake up the temporary recruitment industry.

In this piece, Logie tells us about the success his disruptive business has had and how he overcame obstacles along the way.

(1) What has been the biggest challenge that you have overcome in your business

When we first started out, we were really keen to offer payment within 24 hours of completion of a job. This is so important for many temporary workers. However, logistically, it proved really difficult.

The initial admin, getting HMRC on board and getting companies to agree to it was a mammoth task. But, we persevered and it’s great to see it working so smoothly now. We think it is one of our biggest selling points in the market so it was definitely worth the effort.

(2) What is the best piece of advice you could give someone starting a business

Try to keep as much control as you can. When we first started out, we outsourced a lot of technology which was a big mistake. Bringing it all in-house has meant we have a lot more power and control and can be much more creative as a result.

I would also say, if you really believe in what you are doing, dont listen to the naysayers. We had a lot of people saying that what we were trying to achieve couldnt be done and it turns out, they were wrong!

(3) What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur

I love seeing something that I have built working in real-time. For example, when a request comes in for a job at 11.30pm for the next day, it’s amazing to see our platform finding someone to be there at 9am on the dot everyone is happy.

Read more about the Everline Future 50:

(4) What do you look for when you are employing new members of staff

Because we are a small business, apart from capability, I also put a lot of emphasis on attitude. Small businesses really need people who strive to be better and truly want to achieve something every day. Find people with that sort of spark and you are set.

(5) How has your business benefitted from being part of the Everline Future 50?

Massively to be honest, much more so than we expected. The Everline Future 50 has been the single biggest profile raiser for us this year. We have had so many people calling us up because they saw us in Real Business or other pieces of PR coverage. Its opened us up to entirely new markets and companies that we struggled to reach previously.

(6) How do you see the recruitment business changing in the future

Recruitment will undoubtedly become much more led by technology, rather than people. I think we will see a lot more online driven activity with real intelligence behind it.

(7) What other sort of businesses do you admire for being disruptive

Given the sort of business model we have, we spend a lot of time looking at the online dating sector companies like and Each have taken an ideal and made it really relevant for certain parts of the population and they do it very well.

Do you know a disruptive British business that is transforming an industry Real Business and Everline are on the search for talented young companies from across Britain for the 2016 Future 50 Awards. You can make your nomination (or nominate your own business) here. The deadline 11 December is fast approaching so you dont have long!

Short-term recruiting was in urgent need of disruption until Red WigWam showed up


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