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Bertie Stephens: “Doing the conga in Trafalgar Square dressed in a superhero outfit”


Bertie Stephens

Role and company:

Co-founder and CEO of Flubit.

First job:

Set up and ran a video production company.

Dream job:

What Im currently doing.

Most-played song:

Anything from Coldplay.

Who (and or what) inspires, motivates you

Progress. Metrics are addictive, but theyre not the only measure. Seeing the team learn and improve is pretty cool. When you’re a team of ten (as we were back in 2012) it’s one thing; when you’re a team of 60, every day is the equivalent of one person working two months things change so fast, and you get put on a journey and it’s incredibly cool to see how things progress (sometimes good, sometimes not so).

In under 40 words, what makes Flubit distinctive in its marketplace:

Imagine having a lower price created for your, on anything you’re about to buy. Flubit is a demand-driven marketplace where all our offers are unique and created in private. You cannot browse or search for products on Flubit. Because of this, Flubit never spams its users with irrelevant products or offers.

If you could dominate the world through Flubit, how would you do it

Flubit’s ultimate goal is world domination, we just dont tell our investors that. We find that having the power to create people lower prices on almost anything they want to buy, saves them loads of money, in turn we hope they save the world. So our customers will ultimately dominate the world which is scary and exciting.

How would others describe your leadership style

The guys and girls and Flubit lead the progress and the company everyday. They arrange the football matches, run the socials, prepare the work-demos, build out the benefit schemes and do the work I just spend my time trying to remind them of everything theyve achieved by creating endless speeches.

What is the strangest marketing experiment you ever did

At the very beginning we did a Conga in Trafalgar Square with a guy dress in a Flubit superhero outfit. Not understanding the African Carnival rhythms too well, we set off at a jog, rather than a slow amble in turn by Leicester Square wed lost most of the 100 strong group, were out of breath and in the end just took everyone to the pub.

What’s your favourite quote

“Weekends are for getting ahead of the competition . Previous other-halves havent agreed with this quote. Theyve let me know this in the most final of ways.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received

The only way a company fails is by running out of money. That, or never try and re-release MySpace but that one is pretty niche. The former was told to me by one of our advisors when I began Flubit, he reminds me of it regularly.

What do you think is the most important innovation of your lifetime thus far

An incredibly precise timepiece, that becomes a more immediate, intimate way to connect. Apple September 2014. I mean who hasnt wanted to be intimate with their watch. Or MiniDisk, imagine a world without your MiniDisks!


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