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Best cloud storage for businesses

Best cloud storage for businesses

Cloud storage and other cloud-based services have become increasingly popular in the last few years and are used by thousands of businesses in the UK and across the globe. It is not just businesses that use cloud storage services. There are many personal benefits, such as storing photos, that cloud storage services offer to the individual.

Cloud storage services solve many of the storage and privacy issues that plague modern businesses today. With more people working remotely than ever before, cloud storage services are set to serve an even greater purpose in 2021. As popular, affordable and beneficial that cloud storage is, there are still plenty of businesses that do not make use of them or have not even heard of them. Don’t let this be you! Ensure that you keep up with the competition by making use of the best data storage options available to you.

What is a cloud storage service

Many services fall under cloud storage services, including file hosting, online back-up, online data storage, etc. Cloud storage services are essentially an alternative to the traditional forms of data storage, such as hard copies and hard drives. Hardware and paper copies can easily be lost or destroyed, while cloud storage services ensure that your data is always available to you. Because of modern technological advances, cloud storage services are also able to store far more data than the average hard drive would be able to.

One of the most popular systems of cloud storage that most web users would have had some experience with is Google Drive.

How does cloud storage work?

Before you begin to understand cloud storage, you need to understand the cloud. The cloud is a secure online resource and storage facility, which can be accessed remotely by certain authentication steps. The cloud stores all of your business’s data and files so that they are not at risk of being destroyed in hardware malfunctions or in the case of theft or natural disaster. Cloud storage allows you to grant the access of certain files to specific people within the business, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access the data on the cloud. Files can usually be accessed through your browser or a mobile app.

What cloud storage should I use for my business?

When choosing a cloud storage service for your business, you have many options available. So how do you choose We’ve comprised a list of some of the very best cloud storage services available in 2021.


IDrive has been around from the beginning and has garnered a very positive reputation over the years. They offer cloud storage support for unlimited devices, and their subscription fee definitely offers value for money. If you want to go for a cloud storage service that has been in the game since the beginning and provides an incredible file versioning system, IDrive is your go-to service provider.

IDrive has a subscription option called IDrive Business, which offers unlimited users, priority support, secure server backup. IDrive really understands the cloud storage needs of businesses, both small and large. In addition to IDrive Business, they also offer IDrive Express and IDrive Personal, so there is really a solution for every cloud storage need.

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage

This solution is obviously geared towards those who use Microsoft’s operating system on all of their devices. If you’re committed to using Microsoft for the foreseeable future as this cloud storage facility could be a fantastic option for you to use. OneDrive works in perfect cohesion with Windows 10.

It is simple and straightforward, and files can be edited without having to download them. There is a free version where users can get access to 5GB of storage. While this isn’t much storage, especially for the needs of the average business, it is relatively affordable to upgrade to the premium tier that offers 100GB. It’s possible to share files with others even if they aren’t OneDrive users themselves.

pCloud Storage

Based in Switzerland, pCloud offers a unique solution in that a once-off payment will allow you access to their services for a lifetime! They offer a personal cloud storage solution with a user-friendly interface. Other benefits include an unlimited upload amount as well as a choice of which continent you want your data to be stored. Recently they’ve introduced family plan options too.

Google Drive

Google Drive is probably one of the most popular and widely-used cloud storage systems currently available. It is a great option for those using GSuite, which is most web users these days. You have 15GB of storage that you can use for free. With a variety of additional features available, Google Drive is the obvious choice for Android users. The app makes accessing files from your phone simple and easy, and access can be granted to different parties at the click of a button. The only possible downside is that the web interface is not as easy to use as other cloud storage solutions.

If you need to upgrade to the 2TB tier, the fee is a standard $99.99 per year and offers more exciting features to the user, including 10% back on Google Store credit.

What’s happening in cloud storage in 2021?

Cloud storage and cloud computing technology are constantly adapting to offer better solutions to the end-user – you. In 2021, there are many cloud storage trends on the horizon, including AI, multi-cloud and joint cloud offerings, the option to go serverless, and automated services. In addition to this, all of us are sure to see a step-up in security and anti-hacking systems to ensure that data is kept safe from new threats.

It’s definitely expected that we’ll see more and more cloud storage services becoming available, and the increase in competition and availability should bring down the expense of cloud storage considerably. In general, we’ll see cloud storage become more mainstream and used by a wider range of businesses. Are you ready to make the leap onto the cloud


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