Best gadgets of 2012: PXC 360 BT headphones

The?PXC 360 BT headphones?headphones, made by specialists?Sennheiser and launched at the CES 2011 tech fest,?are aimed at ?sophisticated frequent fliers? (that’s you, readers) and are embedded with NoiseGard 2.0 technology, which electronically identifies and reduces unwanted ambient noise.

If you want to listen to music (or learn a language, perhaps) while travelling, these headphones will easily drown out the roar of the airplane engine. And if you want to have a quick chat with the person next to you without taking the headphones off, you can use the TalkThrough function.

The PXC 360 BT headphones are beautifully designed: sturdy (they’re bridged with a metal-reinforced headband) but comfortable to wear.?

They are easy to transport. The soft, leather padded ear cups are foldable to a full 90-degrees and fit snugly inside the carrying case. The headphones come with an audio cable, inflight adapter, multi-country charger and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.?

Best of all is the quality of bass. You’ll be impressed.

The worst bit is the price tag. The PXC 360 BT headphones retail at ?319.99. That’s the price of a laptop. Steep.

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