The best paid jobs in Britain thanks to global war for talent

Changes in the employment market has seen a shift in power to candidates as they look for better opportunities. This, combined with the UK’s skills shortage, has created a pay ‘pressure cooker’ – resulting in these ten best paid jobs.

Employers who can offer, among other things, competitive wages, are well placed to attract talent. This was highlighted by research from Robert Half UK.

Phil Sheridan, its senior managing director, explained: “There is already pressure on bosses from changes to the make-up of the workforce, with baby boomers waiting long to retire, a skills gap widening due to prolonged youth unemployment and the entry of Generation Y and Z employees with different workplace expectations.

“To make matters worse, while the year ahead is set for continued economic recovery, it’s mired in uncertainty. Companies will have to navigate a rapidly changing, increasingly competitive business environment. That means hiring employees with specialist skills who can help businesses act quickly to transform and meet customer demands. Those skills are all in high demand though.

Hays claimed the most sought-after roles could be found in the IT sector, but according to Robert Half UK, which produced a list of the UK’s ten best paid jobs based on starting wage growth, financial professionals were in the 2017 lime light.

Bosses seem to be increasingly searching for those who can review their finance models, improve profit performance and make recommendations aligned to the strategic focus of the business – and they’re willing to pay for the help.

“The UK’s best paid jobs showcase how companies are taking on business transformation projects, financial planning and risk mitigation, which is an additional strain on the limited supply of professionals with these skills,” Sheridan said. “It’s no surprise our research indicates all ten top jobs have seen significant starting salary gains .”

Here are the best paid jobs – including starting salaries and how much it increased by in per cent.

1) Financial planning and analysis manager in a large company – 5.8 per cent
£64,000 – £82,000

2) Senior operational risk managers – 5.2 per cent

3) Project manager in accounting and finance – 4.9 per cent

4) Developers – 4.5 per cent
£27,500 – £48,000

5) Financial controller – 4.3 per cent

6) Operational risk managers – 4.3 per cent

7) Mobile applications developer – 4.3 per cent

8) Junior developer – 4.3 per cent

9) Financial planning and analysis manager in an SME company – 4.1 per cent

10) Commercial finance controller in a large company – 4.0 per cent

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