Big Brother entrepreneur Liam Young faker than fake

The blogosphere is on fire with opinions about Liam “the fake entrepreneur” Young. And the evidence so far is damning. For those of you have been under a rock for the past few weeks, here’s a quick recap:

Nineteen-year-old Liam Young, housemate in the Big Brother Celebrity Hijack and self-proclaimed entrepreneur extraordinaire, claims to have run businesses since the tender age of eight. His latest being Oxy UK, a £200,000-turnover hosting company.

Smell a rat?

Of course you do.

Lets look at the facts. Young claims that Oxy UK was set up in 2001. Companies House disagrees. Oxy UK was only registered in 2007 and there are forum trails reaching back to 2005 documenting arguments between Young and rival hosting companies over using the term “Ltd” without proper registration.

Then there’s the 12 staff. Ample manpower to run the site while he is otherwise engaged in the Big Brother house? Apparently not. The Oxy UK website was, in fact, “not accepting new orders”.

As a wiley entrepreneur, surely Young would have foreseen the huge leap in page impressions that would result from his TV appearance (a quick Alexa search shows that Oxy UK’s traffic ranking flatlined until the start of the show).


It was officially out of service until a couple of days ago, just in time for Liam’s return to the office.

Ah, yes! The office! The £50 virtual office. The ideal headquarters for any business empire. A business empire comprising more than two million customers.

Except that a bit of digging reveals that Young, in fact, hosts no more than 150 sites from his server, which falls slightly short.

Oh, Liam. Bless your cotton socks. You’ve been telling porkies, haven’t you?

If any of you care to comment or disagree, or indeed if Liam himself cares to take time out of his busy post-Big Brother schedule to comment, I’ll be waiting.

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