Big budget startups are out. Shoestring enterprise is in.?

Weren’t the last few years great? Everyone got accustomed to easy money, the streets were paved with investor gold. But those days are over now. And the reality is you don’t need all sorts of money to build a company today. You can do it on the cheap.

There is just no need for massive infrastructures and tons of employees and overhead anymore. Especially in the early days when you’re not really making any money.

During your start-up phase there are so many great and innovative ways to build your company virtually until you are turning over real revenues and are ready to scale.

That’s where venture comes in. That’s when angel investors can do their best job for you.

Learning how to run your company lean in the beginning will set you up for success when you become larger. It’s a great skill to have under your belt. Start with free online tools that will help build your personal and business brand first such as Linkedin, Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook…

Want to hear about more great free tools and startup software? Read Crowe’s whole column here.

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