Black Cab Entrepreneurs officially goes for a spin ? hop in and join us!

Anyone that?s been to our Surreal Business section knows that we?re also in the business of having fun ? from finding out which spy techniques could double as management lessons to diligently?reporting how your local pizza joint’s, well, pizza, could be one big fake!?However, we?re taking one more quirky step and are pleased to introduce Black Cab Entrepreneurs.

Alongside taxi app Gett, Real Business is going for a ride around London picking up entrepreneurs and putting them in the hot seat on camera to ask a few unusual quick-fire questions, getting to know them on a more personal level. For example, ?what fictional character would you most like to be? and ?how do you unwind? gave?us some humorous insight into their personalities.

Of course, we encourage everyone to pitch in if they have a question they desperately want answered ? and it doesn?t have to be about business. Send it to someone on the editorial team or get involved on social media through #rbBlackCab and we’ll be more than happy to fling it someone’s way.

The same applies if you, or someone you know, would like to cruise around the capital with Real Business and get featured on the hub ? just let us know.

And don?t be shy to bring props and products galore ? Evelina Girling from The London Cabaret Club even brought along the show?s leading dog, Maisie. The quirkier the better!

So?to give you a little taster of what we?ve got in store for you at Black Cab Entrepreneurs, we want you to feast your eyes on the below videos.

To see the full interview of Gett, follow the link.

Continue to see the full interview with London Cabaret Club.

Syft’s full interview can be seen here.

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