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Black History Month: UK’s black entrepreneurs share successes and struggles

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Earlier in October, we explored how Black History Month fits into the UK. Launched 30 years ago, Real Business reported how the annual celebration is recognised in Britain, to determine whether the opportunities before black entrepreneurs and workers are the same for non-black peers.

The answer was no. Black, Asian and minority ethnic workers were found to receive 12 per cent less pay than white colleagues.

“While progress has been made, many barriers still exist in today’s businesses which means people aren’t able to reach their full potential,” said Kevin Ellis, chairman and senior partner at PwC.

“The more we understand what these barriers are and why they exist, the quicker we’ll be able to work towards creating truly inclusive organisations.”

And that’s just one business that’s held its hands up to admit a salary imbalance. How much more of this goes on nationwide?

However, we’ve sought out a handful of successful black entrepreneurs, people who have risen against adversity and casual racism to lead their own thriving companies.

They’ve opened on the general business challenges they’ve faced, as well as the social scenarios encountered as black entrepreneurs, which have led to difficult and alarming situations that should serve as an eye-opener to all.

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