Blackbelt Smartphone Defence

Company name: 

Blackbelt Smartphone Defence

What they do: 

Smartphone data-wipe solutions

Mailing your cellphone to a recycling company might make you a few pounds, but it can leave you at risk of identity theft. The reason behind Blackbelt’s DataWipe came from the need to meet laws which require consumer devices be recycled at end-of-life or insist that personal and corporate data is kept secure. This smartphone data wiping solution automates the secure deletion of sensitive corporate and personal data from a wide range of handsets and mobile operating systems.

For those wondering if a simple press of the erase button on the phone will do the same trick, the answer is no.

?The problem is that the wear-levelling algorithm ends up working against the data wiping technique used for hard drives, which tries to overwrite all the data?, says business development manager Ken Garner.

In a nutshell: it’s like having your own shredder for personal identifiable data.

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