Company name: 


What they do: 

Converts real world media to digital experiences

Augmented reality is going to be part of our daily lives. Blippar is one of the firms bringing this futuristic, often rather weird, concept to smartphones. Blippar opens in camera mode and becomes a magic lens through which print and real world objects, such as newspapers, logos, product packaging or landmarks, can spontaneously be converted into interactive experiences. Marketers, needless to say, adore the idea. Blippar literally makes adverts spring to life in a way which entrances customers.

The company has also worked on a broader range of applications triggered ‘off’ the market than any other play, including weblinking, gaming and 3D model manipulation.

Within two months of taking product demo’s to market, they were taking orders from some of the largest brands in the UK. Fast forwards 18 months, their clients now include Unilever, Nestle, Nike, Cond? Nast and L’Oreal. One to watch? Hell yes.

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