Bog off to “bogofs”?

Judy Gardner, creator of the Garners pickles and chutney brand (now owned by Baxters) and head of Eckington Manor Cookery School, welcomes government intervention on bogofs.

“These kinds of deals encourage people to buy more than they need which does, indeed, result in waste and actually ends up costing them more,” says Gardner, who started her business by selling her homemade pickles on a market stall in Evesham. “Supermarkets would be better placed to encourage suppliers to work to a higher standard, producing a superior quality product for the consumer and a higher cash margin for the supplier and supermarket so all parties benefit.”

Matt Exley, head of food and drink at Corixa Communications, also applauds the move. “Pressured to demonstrate their commitment to a category by running a major price promotion, suppliers have to fund the whole activity with many costs hidden deep within the layers of supermarket management,” he says. “For some, selling their goods below the cost of production saps them of their passion for farming.  “Retailers must lead the way by celebrating the arrival of a crop with intelligent and creative merchandising and not use price promotions as the leading weapon in their armoury against their rivals.”

Do you agree? Will the phasing out of buy-one-get one deals be a help or hindrance to food suppliers? Click the "Add a Comment" button below and let us know your views. Related articles:FSA slams organic food mythsDuchy Originals folds into WaitroseGuy Tullberg: "The big multiples are a graveyard for products"

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