Bookish Tesco is not all bad

Book shop owner Eleanor Davies saw her sales flounder when a branch of Tesco opened across from her store in Heswall, Wirral. But refusing to be bullied out of business she wrote to the chain’s head honcho Sir Terry Leahy demanding action.

She was spurred on after reading an interview with Sir Terry in which he admitted he "felt sorry" for small independent retailers that are put under pressure by Tesco’s economies of scale.

“I Googled him and just sent an email asking him to ‘put your money where your mouth is’,” she told the Daily Mail.

“We are constantly having problems being undercut by Tesco. They sell some mainstream books far cheaper than we ever could. But we’re not just a shop – we have poetry evenings, book clubs and readings.”

Davies pointed out that while Tesco stocks only books on the bestseller list, her shop had a broader range. She further suggested that the supermarket could make up for her loss of business by advertising her shop on its shelves.

Davies added: “Tesco emailed back almost immediately saying they agreed with us, and that they would talk to the local manager about putting up a sign.”

Three signs went up and although Davies has no way of calculating the impact of the advertising campaign she admits sales have risen since the ‘adverts’ were erected several weeks ago.

Well you know what they say: every little helps.

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