Boris: “Caviar eventually just tastes ordinary”

Boris is back in the news. No, it isn’t our floppy-haired mayor this time, but the other Boris. Six-time tennis Grand Slam winner – and now turned entrepreneur – Boris Becker.

In a long interview with the Telegraph, Boris Becker shares his entrepreneurial experience and views on the world (and how caviar can begin to taste ordinary after a while. Poor Boris).

Since 1999, when he ended his professional tennis career, Boris Becker has dabbled in property investment and Mercedes dealerships, adding to his already-vast fortune (come on, let’s give the man credit: who else can let slip  that they have an original Andy Warhol painting hanging in their living room?).

But today Boris Becker’s main job is looking after his namesake brand that manufacturers tennis racquets and clothing. It’s interesting to see how a sports’ star uses his past success to keep his future sweet – and it’s a trend I’ll be sure to explore more in the future.

Anyway, the interview gives an interesting insight Boris Becker’s life. Well worth a read, especially for tennis fans.

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