Boundless benefits being based in Barcelona

The first companies he started were an IT company and an advertising business, both based in Barcelona. He then founded a publishing company and a clothing company in the UK and recently moved back to these shores to help set up Viapost, which is a startup aiming to revolutionise the postal system.

While wryly noting that the weather is much better in the capital of Catalonia than in the Capital, Campbell says there are plenty of other reasons why Barcelona is a great place to do business. “I went to Barcelona partly because there was an opportunity with the IT company that I wanted to pursue there. I stayed because of the lower costs involved with things like development programmers – they’re 50 per cent cheaper in Spain – while the base overheads of the business, such as office rent, were also a lot cheaper," Campbell says.

“We were also doing business with people like the BBC and back then it took a lot less time and, with £30 flights, it was a lot cheaper for me to fly from Barcelona to London for meetings rather than getting someone down on the train from Manchester.”

Campbell decided to move back to the UK partly because "from a business perspective there’s a lot more going on but I was pushed over the edge by this opportunity with Viapost”.

He adds: “A year and a bit ago, I was asked by Ben Way, who is the founder of the company, to take it on and drive it forward so I came back to the UK, took a stake in the business and the responsibility of being CEO and managing director. It’s a really exciting business to be involved in.”

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