Brad Burton on why Hooters is just like Disney World

You know what I just loved most about Disney? Every ten minutes the dollars seemed to flow out of my pockets.  Sodas, Mickey Mouse merchandise, ride photos, they all cost. And yet it didn’t matter because we were having so much fun, so much holiday.

Along with everyone else, I got caught up in the whole Disney decadence.

Disney is a business with a culture of constant reinvestment. The more money comes in, the more money gets reinvested. It’s a winning strategy. You walk around, whilst they empty your pockets, with a smile on your face. It’s an amazing experience, an amazing business. Worth every cent.

While "on location", and at the recommendation of a friend, I also had "Visit Hooters" on my TO DO list. You may have heard of it. It’s a "restaurant" where the waitresses wear orange hot pants and skinny vests – it looks like something straight out of a seventies porn film.

Before I set off, my friend explained that Hooters had reinvented themselves. No longer a macho, beer-swilling, football-watching place for drunken blokes to go ogle at the waitresses, it had become, believe it or not, a family-friendly venue.

So with that I persuaded the wife that we’d give it a look and mosey’d on down with my two boys.

To find out what happened next, read Burton’s column here.

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