Brand awareness lessons from getting a beauty business noticed during wedding season

(2) Start being social

Most businesses are already on social media in one form or another, but unless it is being used effectively, the return will be very little.

Start by researching industry hashtags. A popular weekly wedding hashtag is #weddingwednesday, you should reserve bridal client photos to share on this day. This means that when a bride clicks on the hashtag your post will appear in a list of other wedding images.

A key thing to remember is that you shouldn?t share images of brides in their make up until after their ceremony, this could ruin the element of surprise and could leave you with an unhappy client.

Past the comfortable, familiar social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you will find an image ?pin board? platform called Pinterest. Some may be aware of it, but for those who aren?t, Pinterest involves users creating virtual pin boards and pinning images, recipes, infographics (and so on) from the web.

Many brides use Pinterest to help plan their wedding, Mashable found that 70 per cent of brides had wedding Pinterest boards before they were even engaged.

Ideas for wedding related boards include:

? Bridal make up ideas
? Wedding nails
? Bridal hair inspiration

Tip: Remember to add social buttons to your website and emails!

Don’t be afraid to show yourself off or get financial aid ? more on this on the next page.

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