Brand awareness lessons from getting a beauty business noticed during wedding season

(3) Show yourself

Local wedding shows and exhibitions can be a great place to put your foot in the wedding industry door. There are a couple of ways of getting into these shows, the first being exhibiting, this usually comes with a fee but they don?t usually allow too many people of the same trade to exhibit at smaller shows, meaning that you?ll need to book your place early and that your competition will be limited.?

Another way is to talk to the organiser of the bridal catwalk, if there is one, and offer your hair and/or make up services to the models in exchange for mentions.

This is enough to get you onto their digital platforms including social media.

Some exhibitions may not have a website but if the show is held at a wedding venue you may be able to become a recommended supplier on the venue?s website.

Although you are not guaranteed exposure on the websites of the venues and perhaps the shows don?t even have a website, but the exposure on social media will help brides that attended find you and those that didn?t attend to find out about you through the organisers or venue.

Make sure you find the appropriate hashtag for the event and tag other vendors, not competitors, in your posts. This will encourage them to retweet/share with their followers increasing your reach.

Fees for exhibiting can be pricey, but the exposure is worth the initial investment. So, if you need help with the outlay, or if you need to hire someone to help with the extra marketing, you can apply for some bridging finance in the form of an unsecured business advance loan.

This is a type of loan that is repaid via a pre-agreed percentage of your business? card transactions, helping you develop your business without breaking the bank.

You may not have given it a consideration, but video is a must in order to engage customers ? read on to see how.

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