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An open letter on the Brexit deal: Quisling stalks our Parliament

Brexit deal

Dear members of Parliament,

The opening sequence of the inestimable film about General George. S. Patton reproduces the speech he gave to the United States third Army.

To quote: 30 years from now when you are sitting around the fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks you what did you do in the great World War 2″ Well, you won’t have to say I shovelled sh?t in Louisiana .

What will you say about how you voted on the Brexit ?deal?” Will you say, ?well, I knew it was giving away our freedom but I acquiesced ?

Isn?t it extraordinary that three days after we remembered the hundreds of thousands of citizens that laid down their lives so that we could remain free from subjugation by foreign powers, our prime minister recommends you check yourselves into Brussels” version of Hotel California

By the time you read this you will know that we are being trapped into an open-ended customs union with the Irish border issue to be decided by the European Court of Justice, and that, to boot, at some indeterminate time in years to come.

In other words, the Maybot and her advisors propose handing control of our country to a foreign power. These are the actions of traitors. The actions of “Quislings” in your midst.

You are not born a Quisling. You become one when you decide that your country can only function when an outside force is in command of your country. You say to yourself there is no alternative. I I can’t beat them then I must join them.

BUT in the case of Brexit, the alternative is as plain as a beacon of light, and that shines on Canada.

The Quislings will tell you this ducks the Irish question. They lie. Movement of goods and people is 100% feasible without a physical border. The only thing standing in the way is pygmy political gamesmanship-stamp it out.

Don?t look to our civil service for succour. Our once great foreign office has now fallen so low it even refuses to grant asylum in Britain to the Pakistani Christian, Asia Bibi, facing death threats from fanatics for fear of provoking violent reprisals against our embassy.

Now our foreign policy is being ?dictated by the mob as Tom Tugendhat succinctly observes.

Irrespective of whether you are in the Leave or Remain camp you must vote this treasonous deal down.

If you don’t you will be shovelling sh?t for the rest of your natural.

Yours in hope but not obedience,

The City Grump.



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