UK now less attractive to EU talent because of Brexit

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13 May 2019

News Editor

Brexit continues to make the UK less attractive to EU professionals as a place to look for work, a report from social network LinkedIn says. A smaller talent pool is leading to increased salary offers.

Brexit continues to harm the UK’s attractiveness as a place to look for work for European Union professionals, according to a report from social network LinkedIn released Monday.

There are signs this may be contributing to the creation of new opportunities for workers already in the UK, the report said.

LinkedIn surveyed 600 UK recruiters, and analysed the job-searching behaviour and international migration of its tens of millions of members across the EU.

In the three years since the first quarter of 2016, migration of professionals from other EU countries to the UK has fallen by 30%, the report said.

Among recruiters, 43% of respondents said the UK has become less attractive to candidates from the EU since the June 2016 referendum.

Meanwhile, 64% said Brexit is creating a skills gap in certain areas as there is diminished access to international candidates.

“Recruiters are consistently reporting that the perception of the UK as a good place to find work has been hit,” said Mariano Mamertino, senior economist at LinkedIn.

In response to the talent shortage – due also to record levels of employment – recruiters report an increase in the salaries, benefit offers and flexible-working opportunities on offer.