Billericay Fertiliser Services sees its customers embrace creativity in light of Brexit

(5) What has it been like juggling numerous companies?

We have nearly a 70-year track record so our people understand the markets. This really helps. We know what we have to do. Sometimes it can get a bit hectic because of the seasonal nature of our work but, in the main, the businesses are symbiotic so we help each other.

(6) How do you believe Brexit has impacted the overall business landscape

At this stage, it seems there are two camps depending whether you are buying or selling. We are buying and our prices have gone up. However, farmers can sell their crops for more now. It is more significant that grain prices go up. In broad terms farmers would expect to harvest?ten tonnes of wheat grain per hectare but they would expect to use less than a tonne of fertiliser to achieve that.

(7) Has it affected Billericay Fertiliser Services?

Initially, the dramatic change in sterling sent raw material prices shooting up, which was unexpected. Since then I would say he main effect is that farmers have seen their incomes increase which is encouraging. We tend to recruit locally although farmers do also rely on seasonal employees that are hired from overseas. It is too early to say what the effects will be until we know more about the plans for agriculture after Brexit.

(8) While citing increased deliveries, you’ve managed to reduce lead times. How have you accomplished this?

We have invested into our equipment, buying specialist tankers which are purpose-built. We have improved the loading systems so we can receive lorries and re-load them quickly. Thisincreases the efficiency of our?drivers: more time is spent driving and delivering. We have also made enormous improvements in our software which is written specially for us.

This means we can give drivers more accurate information about where their delivery points are and we are able to give customers more information at the same.

(9) With growth on the cards, what are your future ambitions for?Billericay Fertiliser Services?

We are aiming to build on what we have achieved in the last ten years. We want to keep ahead of the curve with new products and to continue building our customer base.

(10) What new products do have in mind

We are excited about two liquid nitrogen products we introduced this year, called BFS PolyN Plus and BFS PolyN Tonic and we are already seeing results from this year’s harvest. We will be pushing these heavily in the next couple of years.

Farmers can apply them at the same time as other sprays. This has been completely unthinkable until now. They can use the PolyN products on the leaf or growing crop without harm and most importantly they can use significantly smaller quantities. This means huge savings for them.

Why is?Billericay Fertiliser Services promoting using less” We believe that this is revolutionary as it will mean reducing the carbon footprint and will be more environmentally friendly so we anticipate more sales.

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