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Bringing business marketing efforts to life with video content

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28 April 2016

Have you ever thought about the medium of video when it comes to your business? Well, if you haven't, there’s no better time than the present. Whether it's business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), there are many ways that you can use video to your advantage – here are a few.

Implementing the use of video technology make very well be one of the best decisions you ever make business-wise.

Use videos as a marketing strategy

There’s no denying that the majority of people use video in today’s world, especially considering that most people have access to such media via their smartphones. As a way of capturing the attention of your customers, we recommend that you use video as part of your marketing strategy.

Try to integrate it into your whole plan – go through your current strategy and see where video could be an opportunity to expand your marketing efforts. Remember that sharing videos is one of the best ways of getting the word around these days. Just think about how many digital sensations have been made due to their video content being viewed across the world.

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What videos you can make

Videos can be used to replace anything from recruitment advertisements to testimonials to anything else that may assist your business which would normally consist of text.

Take recruitment advertisements for example. Instead of having something published in a paper, using a video will put a face to your company, and it’ll be much easier to convey how welcoming and professional your company is than it would be just typing something out.

As well as this, you can also use video for customer testimonials. Although you may already have a section dedicated to this on your website, an actual video could be more effective – it’s much easier to fake a written testimonial than it is a voice or facial expression, after all. Also bear in mind that these can be animated as opposed to using shots of real people.

Remember that people are more likely to trust your brand if they can put a face to it instead of just endless text. The same goes with any reviews or testimonials, as aforementioned.

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Where to use your videos

Struggling about where you could use the video you have shot? Well, there are plenty of suggestions and we know that they’ll all aid towards getting your company noticed.

TV advertising is a great way for the masses to see your business and so this is one aspect that you should definitely be taking advantage of. Think about the millions of people who tune in to adverts every day, and what this could mean for your business if it captures their attention.

When it comes to other areas of promotion, you can also use videos for demonstrations and sales pitches as a way for potential business partners to hear about what you do without losing interest.

Continue reading on the next page to understand how video can fit into your company websites, and how success of campaigns can be measured.

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What about websites?

It’s also a good idea to use videos on your website – it adds another element to any promotion you may already have on there.

Today, there are many websites in which you can get your videos noticed, most notably YouTube and Vevo, as well as on other social media platforms that are guaranteed to bring in interest.

Again, don’t neglect your website since people whose attention is grabbed will no doubt make sure to check it out. You can also make people take note of advertisements on other websites by including video so that they won’t forget you in a hurry.

How to measure the success

When using video, you need to make sure that it is having the desired effect – there are several ways to do this.

Depending on the platform that you choose to share the video on, you may be able to analyse the number of views and likes that the video has received. Some sites also allow viewers to comment on the video, which offers the opportunity for more analysis instead of purely numerical data.

Another way that you can measure the success of the videos you use is by checking to see if there is an increase in sales that correlates with when you began using video as a method of promotion.

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Move ahead with the times

Even though it hasn’t always been around, you can’t deny that video has a massive impact on the world of business, whether it’s B2B or B2C that you are working towards. By targeting the modern generation, you will be assuring yourself of a certain level of success by using it.

If figuring out video creating, editing, and sharing technology is sounding like a pain to you, don’t let it. Technology for all three is better than ever now, which means you can easily create your video.

Thanks to technology, you should already have the basic equipment in place to start making a video for your company. A phone camera, a basic video camera, the free video editing software on your computer or phone, video sharing sites – what are you waiting for?

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Laura Buckle is a director at Digifish, a Yorkshire-based company with a team dedicated to storytelling, delivering film and animated content for businesses and agencies.