Britain gets a vote of confidence from business owners

This is an opinion that seems to be shared by a lot of business owners who have given this country a real vote of confidence as the best place in the world to locate their companies.

According to a study by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, almost two-thirds of British businesses agree that the UK economy offers good long-term prospects for business growth. 

What an antidote to the waves of bad news, which would have us believe that British business has been brought to its knees by the recession and the global economic incompetence of bankers and politicians.

It shows that we will not be beaten and our spirit of entrepreneurialism is in tact, along with the determination of private businesses to not buckle, stand firm and strive to grow their operations on this island of ours.

This study also backed up my belief that, despite the rough ride we’ve had in the past couple of years, Britain is a good place to start a new business.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have set up their businesses in tough times and gone on to make a real success of things. I’d like to count myself among that illustrious bunch, having started Pimlico Plumbers in 1979 and battled through recessions and downturns to turn my business into the success story it is today.

What I love about this research is that it contradicts reports from earlier this year, which warned that many businesses might leave the UK to avoid changes to tax regulations. 

I know we live in a pessimistic world, but wouldn’t it be great to see this seed of positivity grow? The media needs to start listening more to business owners – not the economists and City-types that helped us get into this mess in the first place.

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