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Britain today: Political pygmies versus Marxist malcontents

There are lots of views on what went wrong for the Conservatives and Britain today on 8 June. Mine is that Jeremy Corbyn & Co brilliantly managed to galvanise 18-24 year olds into the polling booths with the promise to axe much hated (rightly in my view) student fees/ loans.

You only have to look at the results in university areas such as Canterbury (held by the Tories for 100 years), Sheffield Hallam (bye, bye, students favourite target, Nick Clegg) and Southampton to see this at work.

Add in prime minister Theresa May’s refusal to allow her MPs to campaign nationally and hey presto a horrifying collection of Trotskyists and other Marxists come within a hair’s breadth of seizing the levers of power.

Indeed the actions of and pronouncements from the Labour leadership in Britain today conjures up a vision of current Venezuela, interspersed with scenes from Dr Zhivago. How can 40?per cent of our voting citizenry fall for the Hugo Chavez/?Nicol’s?Maduro doctrine that we can spend our way to happiness by taxing the ?wealthy?” Very easily, because our education system has never, ever, regarded it of any importance to produce financial literate pupils.

The result is that we send our children out into the world with no idea how to manage their own income let alone with any knowledge of wider financial issues. Easy meat for Corbyn’s Marxist malcontents to prey on as the Conservatives are now finding out. Accordingly it is imperative that from now on, at GCSE stage, the young must be taught/ introduced to the world of finance.

They must learn money trees can only be planted in unforgiving soil and wither quickly. They must be taught how wealth is generated. They must learn the advantages of equity finance compared with debt. They must learn what part the State can play without permanently damaging its citizens.

Meantime up comes a chilling scene straight from Dr Zhivago. Last week’s devastating fire in a North Kensington high rise turned out, amongst other things, to produce a vile reaction from Corbyn who, when discussing the re-homing of those from Grenfell Tower, went into full Marxist ?property is theft” speak, when asked by ITV interviewer Robert Peston if he would ?seize it forever, or just take it for as long as they?re needed?.

He replied: ?Occupy, compulsory purchase it, requisition it, there’s a lot of things you can do.

And what are our political pygmies, formerly known as the Conservative Party, doing to counter all of this” They are spending their time obsessing about how long should they give May as prime minister” The arch player of this sad little game in Britain today is of course the newly enthroned editor of the London Evening Standard, the no longer Right Honourable George Osborne.

This man who has little to crow about in his time in Downing Street (indeed we are all still suffering from his appointment of our unimpressive BoE governor, Mark Carney) now spends his time using the organ he has been given to pour a continuous stream of bile onto May. A more irresponsible strategy is hard to imagine at this time.

Any Conservative who wants to become leader of the party and government must first win his/her spurs by getting in front of the nation and successfully demolishing the Marxist confidence tricksters that have now become Her Majesty’s official opposition.

Until the people of the UK can see this happening there will be no confidence in a replacement for our current prime minister. It is no use the likes of Boris Johnson just calling Corbyn ?a mutton-headed mugwump?. The nation demands much more than name calling. It demands education.



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