Britain’s coolest and most innovative office designs

Silicon Valley technology heavyweights are famous for innovative businesses and office designs, but the companies we’ve unearthed are proving that British SMEs can be just as creative.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee: The one with an indoor skate ramp

The staff at Jimmy’s Iced Coffee eat their lunch in a pretty unique spot
Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has gone from being an experiment to a celebrity-endorsed brand stocked by the likes of Tesco, Ocado and Wholefoods. Its?quirky nature has amassed a strong social media following and extended to the office employees now call home.

Featuring a skateramp and housed in a warehouse-style space, the office encourages group eating and a collaborative way of working for this beverage business.

Jim Cregan, founder and MD of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, told Real Business: “We wanted the design of the office to be somewhere that you’d also hold your 21st birthday. We wanted a space that inspired people, energised people and didn’t bore people. WeAre asking people to work long hours in the office so we think it’s only fair that it’s a nice place to be.

“The crew love it, we are always evolving as more people come into the business and we welcome change with eyes wide open.”

The office design allows staff to unwind in a very expressive way

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