Britain’s fastest growing occupations

The analysis, published by The Jobs Economist, identifies Britain’s fastest growing jobs by comparing ONS employment data in Q2 2013 with Q2 2011.

It reveals the top-ten fastest growing occupations as:

  1. Paramedics 
  2. Psychologists 
  3. Graphic designers 
  4. Company secretaries 
  5. Police community support officers
  6. Production managers and directors in mining and quarrying 
  7. Undertakers, mortuary and crematorium associates 
  8. Conference and exhibitions managers and organisers 
  9. Chemicals and related process operatives
  10. Planning, process and production technicians 
“The expansion of these occupations highlights the degree to which both knowledge and the personal touch” are key skill requirements in today’s labour market,” comments Dr John Philpott, director of The Jobs Economist.

Meanwhile, dwindling occupations include pipe fitters, ambulance staff, parking officers and dressmakers.

The analysis also shows that the number of managers in the UK has grown by 7.8 per cent over the past two years to 3.1 million now more than a tenth of the workforce.

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