Britain?s richest individuals: The battle between entrepreneurs and heirs

The top ten richest in the UK

(1) David and Simon Reuben ? ?13.1bn
Sector: Property/Metals
Wealth source: Entrepreneur

(2) Sri and Gopi Hinduja ???13bn
Sector: Industry/finance
Wealth source: Inheritance (family business)

(3) Len Blavatnik ???11.59bn
Sector: Investment and music
Wealth source: Entrepreneur

(4) Glen and George Weston ???11bn
Sector: Retailing
Wealth source: Inheritance (family business)

(5) Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli ? ?9.78bn
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Wealth source: Inheritance (family business)

(6) The Duke of Westminster ? ?9.35bn
Sector: Property
Wealth source: Inheritance

(7) Charlene De Carvalho-Heineken and Michel De Carvalho ? ?9.15bn
Sector: Inheritance, brewery and banking
Wealth source: Inheritance

(8) Kristen and Jorn Rausing ? ?8.7bn
Sector: Inheritance and investing
Wealth source: Inheritance

(9) Hans Rausing ? ?8.7bn
Sector: Packaging
Wealth source: Inheritance

(10) Alisher Usmanov ? ?7.58bn
Sector: Mining
Wealth source: Entrepreneur

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The true entrepreneurs

You have to wait until number 17 to find an entrepreneur in its purest sense, James Dyson. The inventor spent 15 years getting his now infamous dual cyclone vacuum cleaner to market and is worth ?5bn.

Just below him is Virgin founder Richard Branson, with ?4.52bn of wealth. In 2006, Branson was the ninth richest in the UK, valued at ?3bn. His business interests have moved since those days from transport and phones to the more lucrative technology and airlines.

Entrepreneurs begin to feature more prominently down the list. At number 30, Laurence and Francois Graff, worth ?3.2bn, have built a successful diamond business while a few places below at 34 is Tom Morris who started discount store Home Bargains in Liverpool in 1976.

There are also inspirational examples of businesses started at home, such as investing platform Hargreaves Lansdown, which was launched in Peter Hargreaves front bedroom. Its co-founder Peter Hargreaves is now the 50th richest person in the UK at ?2.15bn.

At position 66 you will find Douglas and Mary Perkins who turned a small optician into Specsavers, which allowed them to become worth ?1.55bn.

Continue onto the final page, where we?ll look at those who climbed the corporate ladder, self-made women and the ten wealthiest youngsters in the UK.

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