Britain?s richest individuals: The battle between entrepreneurs and heirs

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Corporate climbers

Some names in the list have made their money by climbing to the top of a big firm or launching a business after a successful career in a similar industry.

For example, John Grayken, who founded private equity firm Lone Star, is a new entrant at number 20 ? he?s worth ?4.4bn, but he is an ex-Morgan Stanley banker.

Or at number 54, former journalist Michael Moritz built his wealth to ?1.95bn after working his way up to partner at venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, which has backed big tech firms such as Google and Apple.

All the self-made ladies

If you are looking for some female inspiration, you have to go further down the list to position 24 and Denise Coates. She is the richest self-made woman in the UK at ?3.76bn, having turned her family?s tiny betting shop business into the online gambling giant now known as Bet365.

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The young ones

Technology offers plenty of opportunities for young people to start a business these days. For example, Pete Cashmore, is the wealthiest self-made millionaire aged under 30 on the list. He launched social media news website Mashable from his bedroom at the age of 19 ? now aged 30 he is worth ?170m.

But it is still tough to get to the top if you are young, Cashmore is the fourth richest under 30 but overall the list is dominated by sportsmen, musicians and film stars.

The top four richest people under 30 have inherited wealth on their side. The richest under 30 is Tom Persson, worth ?672m, he has his own business interests such as photography, but is heir to the H&M fashion chain.

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The top ten wealthiest youngsters

(1) Tom Persson ? ?672m
Sector: Fashion
Source of wealth: Inheritance

(2) Fawn and India Rose James ? ?482m
Sector: Property
Source of wealth: Inheritance

(3) Thomas Mackie and family ???380m
Sector: Electrical goods
Source of wealth: Inheritance

(4) Tim and Pollyanna Gredley and family ? ?194m
Sector: Property and horseracing
Source of wealth: Inheritance

(5) Pete Cashmore ???170m
Sector: Internet
Source of wealth: Entrepreneur

(6) Wayne and Coleen Rooney ???96m
Sector: Football
Source of wealth: n/a

(7) Adele ? ?85m
Sector: Music
Source of wealth: n/a

(8) Daniel Radcliffe ???74m
Sector: Acting
Source of wealth: n/a

(9) Chris Phillips ? ?70m
Sector: Internet and property
Source of wealth: Entrepreneur

(10) Robert Pattinson ? ?65m
Sector: Acting
Source of wealth: n/a

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Chris Conway is the MD of Accounts and Legal.?

Image: Shutterstock

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