Britain’s ten most promising spin-outs

They have flown the university nest. They employ real people to create innovative new products or technology. And they are growing fast. Savvy investors have put money behind these star spin-outs. We’re backing them, too.

Here is the Real Business pick of the country’s most promising spin-outs. Click on the company names to read more about them.

1. Arago Technology (Manchester University)

2. Pelamis (Edinburgh University) 

3. Whitfield Solar (Reading University)

4. Horizon Discovery (Cambridge University)

5. Ceres Power (Imperial College London)

6. Cambfix (Cambridge University)

7. Cambridge Temperature Concepts (Cambridge University)

8. Crysalin (Oxford University)

9. Novacem (Imperial College London)

10. Camfridge (Cambridge University)

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