British law works on “money, not justice”, says billionaire Arab sheikh

For those of you that missed it, here are the juicy nuggets from the hearing:

1. Sheikh Maher al-Tajir, the billionaire owner of 24,000 acres of land in Perthshire, became enraged when his head gamekeeper, Chris Mulqueeney, was too sick to come into work. “‘That’s no good to me if you can’t be there when I want you,” he said, and slammed down the phone.

2. He swore at Mulqueeney’s wife at a meeting.

3. The Sheikh launched a two-hour verbal assault on his employee, saying, “I will find a reason to get rid of you. I’ll instruct my legal team to stitch you up.”

4. When Mulqueeney told him that was against British law, the Sheikh retorted: “Hasn’t anyone told you that the law of this great land works on money, not justice, and I’ve got enough money to buy any of them? The police, the justiciary – all have their price in this country.”

We can’t help wondering if the Sheikh employs an HR manager. Presumably not.

If you want to give someone the boot, read our tips rather than follow the Sheikh’s lead.

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