Brits rack up an eye-watering sum on lunch over their working lives

Lunch working lives
Depending on where your job is held, for many employees, there are countless food options to choose from throughout their working lives (from 18 to 65).

But whether it’s a supermarket meal deal, local restaurant or street food that gets you going, it’s going to cost, no matter how seemingly cheap is is.

In fact, it turns out that over the course of their working lives, Brits are spending an average sum of £53,844 each. is behind the study, which found that Brits collectively spend £955,375,385 on lunch each week.

Some 71 per cent admitted that they buy lunches each daily, rather than preparing a packed lunch to get them through the day. Bet the crusty loaf indoors is starting to look more appealing now…

The hefty £54,000 lunch bill is being racked up over their working lives, as Brits spend an average of £4.75 a day on food.

Continuing the investigation, the company found that 59 per cent agreed they spent too much on lunch each month.

“It’s easy to forget how much we spend on lunch because we see it as a necessity, but just a few changes to the way in which we plan our working weeks could help save a substantial amount of money,” said George Charles at

“It’s easy to put a big pasta, rice dish or salad together in 20 minutes on a Sunday night that can last you for the whole week, but convenience often wins out, having a detrimental effect on our bank accounts!”

The top five lunch options are:

(1) A salad – 27 per cent

(2) A pasta/rice dish – 23 per cent

(3) A sandwich/baguette/wrap – 19 per cent

(4) Soup – 14 per cent

(5) Fast food – 11 per cent

Charles added: “We were also surprised to hear that sandwiches aren’t the most popular lunch anymore, with more fancy lunches including salads, rice and pasta coming in above them.

“The typical ham, cheese or chicken sandwich is traditionally pretty boring, so perhaps experimenting with more exciting flavours at home will help reinvigorate the staple lunch!”

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