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Broadband doctor: A masterclass in navigating British internet

While trying to create an area where SME bosses can have their voices heard, we also hope to answer any questions businesses may have via our broadband doctor.

It’s no secret that many hold the telecoms industry’s customer service standards?with contempt. But if you have a broadband issue then there’s another avenue you can travel instead of getting a hold of your provider onthe phone. For our Real Business Broadband section we ve secured a troubleshooter Andrew Ferguson, otherwise referred to as the broadband doctor.

As the editor of, he knows far more than just a thing or two about the internet. Not only is he part of the thinkbroadband team, he avidly tracks the progress of broadband projects and works with ISP contacts to resolve problems in terms of broadband connections. In short, his?ultimate goal is to ensure people get access to the correct information, which makes him the perfect person to play broadband doctor. Related Article: Best broadband provider?

So jump into our waiting room and visit the broadband doctor get in touch with @Real_Business using the #rbBroadband hashtag or’send your queries via the provided box below, and hopefully we’ll help you get rid of any internet-based ailments. To ensure all articles can be found in one place we’ll be posting all questions and answers as individual articles this feature will becomeA master list of sorts. Each time a broadband doctor article goes live, we ll update this article to include the link.

Questions British bosses have asked the broadband doctor:

1)?I’ve realised the problem with having an FTTC connection: It sometimes slows down during peak times. Is there anything that can be done to speed things up or ensure reliable connectivity?

2)?If my broadband speed is low will it help any if I buy a different router?

3)?We re looking to rent office space for the first time, but does a building always come with a broadband connection” Do I have to sort this out myself or do some places have everything set up already?

4)?We don’t haveA lot of money to go for the priciest and best broadband package. So taking the price tag?out of the equation, what should I be looking for in business broadband deals to help me pick?

5)?Sky recently had an outage across its network, and we were ?lucky enough” to suffer the outage with it. We re a fairly new business so we weren?t sure how to handle the problem. In the future do we let customers know it’s a provider problem or leave it be And is there a short cut to ensuring we stay online even if there’sAnother outage

6) I briefly spoke to my service provider after suffering from constant slow broadband, and they said it had to do with my telephone line Can a faulty line really impact connectivity or am I being had and is it something they correct?

7)?Firstly, I run my company from home. My WiFi connection is fine, but when I switch to an ethernet connection it just says ?limited connection?. It started a few days ago and has been a constant problem since. As far as I know nothing has changed between when it was working and now and troubleshooting reveals nothing.

8)?I know the price of broadband changes depending on what’s included in a package, but I wanted to know ahead of time I?m looking to switch if the cost of business sector broadband would change depending on contract length or provider?

9)?I?m not sure this is the right place to ask my question given that this is for troubleshooting problems, but I?m a bit unsure what the difference between mobile, wireless and satellite broadband is.

10)?We allow our staff to bring in and work on their own smart devices, but is that a bad idea when we re already struggling with connectivity or does it not really make a difference

This article is part of our Real Business Broadband campaign, which seeks to provide a mouthpiece for business leaders to vocalise the broadband issues preventing their businesses from reaching full potential. We d love to hear your take on the debate and where you think the UK needs to make drastic changes and feel to ask us your broadband queries. Get in touch via email ([email protected]) or join in on the action using #rbBroadband.

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