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Budget fuel duty rise is a “fun tax”

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The duty on alcohol will go up 2 per cent at midnight tonight while the duty on tobacco rises 2 per cent at 6pm.

While Darling said he will continue to monitor oil prices, “I expect that fuel duty will increase by 2 pence per litre in September, and then by 1 penny a litre above indexation each April for the next four years”.

He added: “Taken together, these measures will raise over £6bn by 2012 – to secure Britain’s economic future and to provide help for people now when they need it most.”

However, Chris Brown, MD of online holiday company, has labelled the fuel duty hike a “fun tax”.

He says: “Whilst we can understand that the Chancellor needs to recoup money after bailing out the banks, we are disappointed that he has effectively applied a "fun tax" by increasing the cost of holidays. This comes at a time when the UK population needs a boost and he has effectively squashed any chance of this.”

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