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Building a marketing cloud: Its simpler than it sounds

With marketers increasingly prioritising personalisation and customer centricity, demand for marketing technologies that align with those priorities is growing rapidly. The result has been a surge in vendor tools and marketing applications available, and a race between major providers to buy up individual platforms and software firms to create their own, all-encompassing proprietary marketing clouds. 

Being a one-stop shop for all digital marketing solutions including automation, email, personalisation, content management, social media, analytics, and much more is the gold standard that these providers are striving to achieve.

The truth is that although the major providers offer worthwhile technologies it’s not possible for a single provider to fulfil all the unique marketing requirements of an individual business. So whats the solution The simple answer is for businesses to create their own marketing cloud, using a foundational data layer that establishes a universal language between each of their tag-based marketing technologies. Marketers can choose from the huge variety of products available, and then leverage a tag management system (TMS) to plug vendor tags into the foundational data layer to create their own bespoke solution.

There are three key benefits marketers can realise by building their own cloud:

Leverage best-in-class point solutions 

Although the major providers have purchased some effective digital marketing solutions, theyre not necessarily the right fit for every business. There are also thousands of innovative solutions available from point providers in key categories such as search marketing, advertising, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, content testing, analytics, marketing automation, and customer relationship management (CRM). While users of proprietary clouds are often restricted to the technologies provided by their vendor, businesses that build their own bespoke clouds can combine the most suitable products from a variety of providers across the digital ecosystem.

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Deliver personalised cross-channel campaigns 

Relationship building is key to modern marketing and consumers now expect seamless, personalised interactions with brands across all marketing channels. Creating their own cloud allows marketers to break down silos, share data across the entire cloud, and create comprehensive visitor profiles using online, offline, and off-site data sources. They can make use of audience segmentation, cross-device data stitching, and profile enrichment to deliver relevant, consistent, highly targeted content to consumers across all channels.

Increase marketing speed and agility 

A TMS allows companies to take control of their tag-based solutions and build them into their customised marketing cloud. This relieves the pressure on IT departments, who previously were burdened with manually implementing tags, and eases friction points within the organisation. As marketers are able to maximise the performance of their marketing applications and better leverage the data being collected by these applications, marketing agility increases.

As no single solution can meet the unique marketing needs of an organisation, building a bespoke marketing cloud is a simple and effective way for marketers to achieve real-time, unified marketing. By providing the flexibility to combine best-in-class solutions that suit unique business needs, a bespoke marketing cloud empowers marketers to deliver relevant cross-channel campaigns and increase marketing speed and agility it really is that simple.

Lindsay McEwan is general manager EMEA at Tealium.

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