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Building blocks for the ultimate workplace your staff will love coming to

In December 2016 we featured the elite of Glassdoor’s Employees” Choice Awards a list of the best places to work determined by staff. It emphasised that people matter, they need to feel heard and empowered to grow, and that respected leaders should follow a clear direction. Taking those findings on board will certainly help you create the ultimate workplace.

Essentially, consider the question: What makes a workplace a great place Not everyone under your employ comes to work for the same reason, nor do they have the same skills or personalities. What you want to do is create an environment that boosts their effectiveness, makes things easier for them and is in some way fun to be around given that they?ll spend most of their time there.

You want to instil pride in your staff and foster a connection of trust between them. As Karen Bowes, VP of international HR of Capital One, claimed: “If you build a culture where you trust and empower your employees, treat them as adults and consider the way you approach them, you will get more. If you multiply that by all your employees, you’re going to improve your bottom line.

Her quote comes from an article looking to quantify the benefits of having the ultimate workplace eight per cent greater productivity, 50 per cent less sick days taken and 87 per cent fewer people wishing to leave are but a few of the statistics. But what stands out is that such an environment comes hand-in-hand with developing the employee experience and the acknowledgement that it isn’t just a checklist of programmes.

At the end of the day, where better to find the building blocks for the ultimate workplace than through the voices of employees themselves” It’s with that in mind that YouEarnedIt created an infographic based on its survey of the £100 most appreciated and recognised employees.

Here’s what it uncovered:

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