Buried under year-end accounts

Accountants due in tomorrow for year end so frantically trying to pull everything together today. 

Task is enormously hampered by old staff errors – anything from the fact that the actual year-end format has got diluted over the years from my (very easy and straightforward) methods to something nonsensical and cumbersome, to the horrible amount of old debts which are tied into complaints which have never been properly resolved. This won’t happen in future with new systems I have brought in – but no consolation right now.   Meanwhile, my brain is crowded by mix of ideas from conference yesterday. While I was less impressed by the event than previous years (bar the session with Sir Alan), it still produced several trains of thought in my head. Want to check some of my performance-measuring techniques. Loved the story about the call-centre company which started measuring number of calls but nothing else – so employees spent their days lifting phones on and off the hook. Want to look at ways of rewarding the good customers. Want to have more brainstorming sessions with staff of every level.  Want to encourage new, innovative staff through the ranks… and so it goes on. Will get there – once I’ve finished dealing with year end.

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